The Power of the Direct Market and Broadening Your Client Base

Many people fail in their business strategy because their activity is not of a broad and diverse nature. One needs to step out of one's comfort zone and create strategic connections in the areas of business that need attention to in a timely fashion. No woman or man is an island. We all have our unique gifts. Creating a diversified team will help your business venture to grow with success. Share the profitability of your business with your key team. Give back to the community and show appreciation to your growing client base as well. From start to finish your customer service must be timely as well as consistent. Create time in your schedule to grow the client list of your business, and remain consistent with your hours of operation, pricing, and communications. With consistency, and going the extra mile for your clients and customers, comes loyalty. You will never be everything to everyone, but be extremely thorough with your list of services and products. Choose partnerships with companies that do the same and have a positive track record of customer fulfilment and satisfaction. Ask some key current clients or customers for feedback, referrals and loyalty to your business moving forward. Do not rely on old completed business, but consistently seek the new people that have never heard of you before as well. Keep your eye on the ways in which methods of doing business are shifting and improving, because with an open mind, your business can benefit also from these same principles of growth whether it be new digital platforms, methods of e-commerce, presentation, or educational skills.

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